10 Hilarious Posts on Facebook by Indians that will kill you with Laughter!

Facebook is a great social networking site. On Facebook, you can share status and get to have a chit-chat with the friends that you have not met for a very long time. But sadly, Indians don’t get Facebook or they are just confused in differentiating what posts should be social or what should be kept under wraps. Many are just confused and are victims of technical errors which make them look super stupid. 

We have 10 such amazing posts that will kill you with laughter when you see them:


#1 This is so not Cool!



Yuck! We actually have no words for this post!


#2 Khana Khazana ya Pyaar ka Deewana



Well, This guy looks like a chef. Demanding love is ok but what does he mean by utilizing the oven? This is quite creepy.


#3 Double meaning or Conveyed by Picture?



Well, how does this imply that why should girls have all the fun? As far as I remember the quote was why should boys have all the fun! By the way, no comments about the picture. It’s censored!


#4 iPhone = GF



It seems like the most stupid post on Facebook ever. Well, then according to him, people should die with shame that owns an iPhone but do not have a Girl Friend!


#5 Bollywood Calling!


Bollywood Calling!

Crying but also trying to smile! We may have the next Priyanka Chopra here!


#6 Zindagi ne Zindagi Bhar Gam Diye!



Well, Facebook also allows kids to access them but they have no strict policy about those who have grown physically but are emotionally kids!


#7 Serial Killer- Only if Good Looks Kill!



Going to Jail!

What! Why?

I gave a flying kiss to a girl and she died!



#8 The Biggest Secret of God!


The Biggest Secret of God!

There is a bad news for those who dream of becoming artists. If you do not look like him, drop the profession! You are not just creative enough!

Do not see the next pic if you have Blood Pressure (BP) issues!


#9 DP se hoga BP


DP se hoga BP

We already warned you. Now call 100 and ask for help!

Well, Soon 100 will not be the emergency number of India.




Well, even after that you do not have Girlfriend! Thanks for opening our eyes! Single Guys, you can cry(read Laugh) now!

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