Read 7 Amazing Benefits of drinking Beer

Excess of Everything is dangerous and same is the case with Beer but if consumed in a moderate limit then it has Positive effects on your Body. Yes, it’s true. Drinking beer isn’t just delicious, it can also help you live a healthier life. Moderate drinking for an averaged sized man is considered 2 beers a day and 1 beer a day for an average size woman.

So here are Top 7 Benefits of Drinking Beer:


1. Decrease Chances of Heart Disease

There have been over 20 international studies done on alcohol’s effect on heart disease. One such study conducted by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) found that moderate Alcohol Drinkers has around 40% less chances of having Heart Diseases.



2. Mental Health

On top of helping with Alzheimer’s prevention, moderate beer consumption can improve your memory, concentration, and reasoning. But again, it should be in a Limit.



3. Female Health Benefits

Having healthy bones is necessary for living a long and active life. Moderate beer drinking as been shown to prevent a decrease in bone density and osteoporosis. Since, osteoporosis is common in women above 30, therefore beer is more than just a drink for women.



4. Prevents Blood Clots

Blood clots to your brain causes strokes and beer can help you in preventing these. Although it’s not a complete Medical Advice but should work in most of the Cases. You should also consult your Doctor regarding this.



5. Improve Health of Bones

The amount of silicon present in the beer has been linked with the strength of the bones. Silicon increases the bone strength as well the bone mineral density. According to a study, people who used to daily drink beer in moderate amounts have developed high bone density. On the other side, the heavy intake of beer will weakens the bones and improves the risk of bone fractures. 


6. Good for skin

Everyone is cautious about their skin, especially women. Beer is one among such wonderful ingredient that helps in giving you beautiful skin. Studies proved that Beer has Positive effects on the Skin. You can also apply Beer on your face using cotton to give you instant glow.


7.  It Reduces the Risk of Diabetes

In 2011, Harvard University concluded a study involving 38,000 middle-aged men. Participants who drank two beers a day were shown to have a 25% lower risk of contracting Type II diabetes than those who did not. This theory does not apply in the context of excessive drinking.



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