Do You Know How Much Money Porn Stars Really Make?

Porn is still considered a taboo topic, despite considering how open-minded the world has become. People believe that porn is corrupting the society and is an interpretation of our depraved fantasies. They believe that sex is a private act and selling one’s body to make money and become porn stars is shameful and illegal. Well. […]

Read 7 Amazing Benefits of drinking Beer

Excess of Everything is dangerous and same is the case with Beer but if consumed in a moderate limit then it has Positive effects on your Body. Yes, it’s true. Drinking beer isn’t just delicious, it can also help you live a healthier life. Moderate drinking for an averaged sized man is considered 2 beers […]

Top 7 Benefits of Drinking More Water

7 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water and how it improves your body :   1. It helps in Improving your Skin Complexion Increasing water intake can help you in keeping your skin Moisturized. It keeps your skin Soft, fresh, smooth and glowing. Gets rid of acne and wrinkles. It’s the best anti-aging treatment […]