These Indians Should Be Banned For Posting Ridiculous Things On Facebook! Complete Freaks

Facebook is a platform that connects people from all over the world. It helps us to remain in touch with our closed ones and gives us chance to show our life happenings to them and see theirs.

But sometimes people post such ridiculous things on Facebook that we feel like banning them forever for posting on Facebook. From posting hilarious photoshopped pictures to stupid captions, these people have done it all.

Here are such Facebook posts and people who have posted them should be banned immediately from Facebook.


What a perfect time to click a selfie and posting it on Facebook!





Oh God, I just can’t control it!



Maybe Batman and Superman should learn techniques from him!



Just for 5 minutes!




Hope she get a bed that can fit 51 people!




Happy Honeymoon!


Modi Ji must have been feeling very honoured!



Please give your blessings guys!



Ever heard of hubby-zoned?




With 22 people. WTF?




May he get blessing from all his fathers!



Seems exciting!


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